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dot Peter Gogarten's presenatation at the ISSOL meeting in 2014 on

"Molecular Evolution before the Ancestors of the Bacterial and Brchaeal Domains and before the Last Universal Common Ancestor"

dot J. Peter Gogarten's 2009 presentation at the University of Georgia on

"Phylogenetics in Light of Horizontal Gene Transfer"

dot Pascal Lapierre's PhD defense

"The Impact of Horizontal Gene Transfers on Prokaryotic Genome Evolution "

 dot  Ali Senejani's PhD defense

"Studies on the Evolution, Structure, and Function of Homing Endonuclease Containing Parasitic Genetic Elements"

 dot Peter Gogarten's presentation at the DIMACS workshop on Reticulated Evolution on

"Probability Mapping and Bipartition Analysis to Study Genome Histories"

 dot Olga Zhaxybayeva's presentation at the Astrobiology Graduate Conference on

"Cladogenesis, Coalescence and the Evolution of the Three Domains of Life"

 dot  Elena Hilario's Ph.D. defense

The vacuolar ATPase from Giardia lamblia:
a potential model for the study of the evolution of the first eukaryotes.

 dot Some slides from Parin's defense (sorry some are missing) on
         The role of invertase isoforms in Arabidopsis

 dot  The Progenote,

     Draft of an article to appear in the
     ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, Thomas Creighton (editor)
     John Wiley & Sons (ISBN 0471-15302-8)

 dot Poster presented by Olga Zhaxybayeva and Peter Gogarten at the

     First Internet-Extended Bioinformatics Conference
     (hard copy versions were presented previously, see the publication section):

The Effects of Among Site Rate Variation on
Phylogenetic Reconstruction from Amino Acid Sequences

dotAbstracts to other presentations and publications see the publication section