1. Read Chapter 6.
2. Ex. 3 p. 102
3. Modify your GC content program that it reads the sequence from the file (assume for now that there is only one sequence in the file in FASTA format, see p. 181 for format specifications).
Use a completely sequenced microbial genome for your analyses. 
You can download the nucleotide sequence from the NCBI web site .  Spend some time exploring this web page.  If you cannot find the section on microbial genomes send an email asking for help. 
Choose a bacterium or an archaeon for which the complete genome sequence is available and at least 500,000 bases in length, and for which one of the organism's initials (i.e. the first letter of its first name, or the first letter of its last name) is the same as one of your initials. Your program should report the name of the file analyzed; the annotation line; and the number of nucleotides of each type (i.e. the number of A's, the number of C's, etc. including ambiguously coded ones (N,R,Y, etc), if any) in the sequence.