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Discussion: Parsimony principle, Okham's razor, and Long Branch Attraction


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> > --+--+-----------A
> >   |  `--+--+-----B
> >   |     |  `--+--C
> >   |     |     `--D
> >   |     `--------E
> >    `--------------F
> This is >not< a Hennigian comb. Only the entire ABCDE clade and the F
> make a (two-toothed) Hennigian comb in this cladogram. In a Hennigian comb
> the side branches are left unbranched, like the teeth of a comb. Hence the
> name.

This _is_ a Hennigian comb, because in a cladogram, _only_ topology counts.
A cladogram is a mobile. Look at the following -- it's exactly the same
cladogram as above:


... what a side branch is lies completely in the hand of the presentator.
All I did was I rotated a few stems around their long axes.


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