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Origin of Life

July13-18, 2003
Bates College, Maine

Chair: J. Peter Gogarten, University of Connecticut
Vice-Chair: George D. Cody, Carnegie Institution of Washington

  • The subsurface as an abode and potential cradle for life's origin on Earth and other bodies in our solar system

(M. Meyer / D.R. Lovely / J.D. Farmer )

  • How late/early could the most recent common ancestor have lived? Fossil, molecular and geological evidence

(S.J. Mojzsis / C.H. House/ R.E. Summons/ M.A. van Zuilen)

  • Weird Life - possible alternative chemistries for extraterrestrial life

(J.P. Ferris / S.A. Benner / A. Weber)

  • The early atmosphere and early archean environments on Earth

(B. Runnegar / J. Farquhar / A. Pavlov / G. Byerly )

  • Solar and extrasolar planets

(B.M. Jakosky / P. Butler / J.L. Beauchamp)

  • Extent of lateral gene transfer in early evolution

(J.L. Siefert / W.F. Doolittle / G. Olsen / A. Lazcano)

  • Origin and amplification of biomolecular chirality

(S. Pizzarello / K. Soai/ D.K. Kondepudi)

  • Sequence evolution in the RNA world and beyond

(D.H. Burke / J.W. Szostak / P. Schuster / E. Koonin)

  • Evening lecture on "The Primordial Bubble: Symmetry Breaking and the Origin of Structure."

    (L. Lerman)

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